Dyes & Chemicals

Renzo Shoe Finishes from C&E
Renzo Shows Finishes from C&E . Feel Improvers as the name suggests are used to improve the final feel of leather as per the customer’s choice .The feel can be achieved by using different products with different combinations of the products to get the following feel like silky, waxy, warm, slippery, soapy and oily to touch

Oils are helpful in different ways to make finish film soft, to use a feel modifiers and special oil pull up leathers, and other purpose where the finish required with different touch and feel. We have cationic and non ionic oils for the purpose.

Fixing Agents are used to fix the dyes and other colours to the finish on aniline and semi aniline type leathers mostly on protein finishes. They give maximum fastness and they are eco friendly products.

Penetrating Agents are used for to speed up the intake of finish solutions and accelerate the drying. We have both water miscible and solvent miscible types.

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