Arpico Painted Sheets for Soles -SPN11
Compact resin rubber sheets for soles with different finish colours. Sheets are painted according to different colours, patterns & lustre. Available in different base compound types & colors. Finish colours are available from classic & fashion range. Colours can be customized to individual requirements.

Suitable for women’s footwear such as court shoes, mules & strap sandles for evening & also city slides, designer boots, high heels etc Suitable for men’s footwear i.e classic styles of casual footwear, loafers etc Also recommended for children’s footwear.

Soles are made out of resin rubber & is a substitute for “soling leather.” Have a good flex resistance & abrasion resistance.Suitable for hot stamping & can be proceed via machining. Highly competitive in surface prints & colours * Arpilite Classics & Arpilite Fashions

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