Serafil Polyester Continous Filament Thread from Amann

Serafil, Polyester continuous filament from Amann is for shoes and leather for closing and decorative seams comes with subtle sheen and due to special finishing process has high seam strength for best sewing performance with perfect stitich formation.

Serafil is certified with the PRO labe. Hohenstein Laboratories have examined the AMANN products sabac, sabaTEX, sabaFLEX, ISACORD, Serafil, N-tech und N-tech CS concerning the industrial wash resistance after care treatments according to DIN EN ISO 15797 for workwear. Now, these products have received the PRO-care certification according to DIN EN ISO 30023. The articles are certified for the most common industrial washing procedures 2 and 8, as well as for the two drying procedures tumble drying and tunnel/cabinet finishing according to DIN EN ISO 15797.

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